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The Pilates technique was originally created in the early 1900's by Joseph Pilates, and it is one of the most popular movement techniques in the world today.  The principals that make Pilates one of the best exercise methods are breath, centering, control, precision.

Through regular practice you will gain a body that is fitter, healthier and more energized - all the fundamental elements that keep us happy and well for years to come.

Pilates is the best all around physical & mental conditioning system. It is excellent for the rehabilitation of injuries, improving postural problems & relieving chronic pain all over the body.

                                    Benefits of Pilates

•Develop long lean & toned muscles without bulking up

•Develop a strong core and condition in the entire body

•Release Joints to open up the body

•Balance Strength with Flexibility


           Pilates can also help with conditions including:

•Back problems including pain management & dysfunction

•Sport injuries & Rehabilitation

•Postural imbalances & Posture Correction

•Neck tension & Headaches

•Stress and Depression

•Low immunity and Common Illnesses

•Pre and Post Natal Health & Rehabilitation

•Neurological Disease




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