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Chair Massage


TippTherapy offers a completely hassle free way to enjoy the benefits of On-Site Chair Massage in the workplace. Each massage is specifically designed to reduce muscle tension and stress. This fully-clothed, non-intrusive massage uses a unique series of acupressure points and stretches on the back, neck and shoulder area, leaving you feeling relaxed, invigorated and ready to return to work with renewed concentration.

It is performed on a specially designed chair and is ideal to be carried out in any work place, during a coffee break.


On-Site Chair Massage is an affordable and simple way to reduce stress in the workplace. It is very straightforward to organise, all that is required from your company is a small office space and a list of names and we do all the rest.

The cost may be fully covered by the company/Sports and Social Club, partially subsidised by company or covered by the employees.



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For the Employer


•Relieves stress

•Improves employee morale

•Enhances quality of work

•Reduces absenteeism

•Reduces healthcare costs

•Leads to fewer accidents

•Bonus for those working overtime or on special projects

•As an award or an incentive

•Gifts to corporate clients

•Enhances corporate image, both internally and externally

•Show staff you care


Benefits of Chair Massage

For the Employees


•Stress Reduction

•Reduces muscle tension and associated pain

•Lowers blood pressure

•Helps relieve headaches and backaches

•Increases energy levels

•Improves mental alertness and concentration

•Boosts memory

•Increases circulation

•Calms the nervous system

•Relaxes mind and body